Product line preview


Product line preview!

We present the Giger's Universe product line!
This is an early state of course, so stay tuned for updates and package additions.

Montage Packging Draft 01

We’re workin’ on:

We’re workin’ on:

- Navigation Concept
- Screen Design (GUI)
- 3D Modell Teaser (Download-Version)

Until the next few days we develop a look Inside our production.
A 3D Teaser with exhibits, a 3D object and interactive funtionality will be also available for download.


Let’s start the project!

Discover a lifetime! You know the movie creatures Alien and Species, the Erotomechanoiden, the picturebook Necronomicon, the Ibanez Giger guitar-collection and the Danzig-Cover "How the gods kill"? We will show you artworks of HR Giger you have never seen before!