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What are your plans with the received funds?
We will use the funds to do the production of Giger’s Universe. That means to scan the museum and his environment, design the 3D interface and producing a wide range of additional content, objects and other things to make this digital monument perfect for you!

How will I get my copy of Giger’s Universe?
When we finish the the first media production for DVD, we'll send download vouchers via e-mail to everybody who backs for that – so you have a first glimpse on the project.

Will there be a production for Mac and PC as well?
Yes. We’re producing  a media package for PC, Macintosh, Tablet (iOS and Android) and Sony Playstation4. This is a big goal for us. Your support will make it even more probable.

Do you plan to bring it onto other devices/consoles as well?
Yes. If we reach our Stretch Goal „Giger’s Game“ we will generate a PC-Game and a Application for Xbox 1. Our goal is it to provide it for as many as possible.

Where can I download the Beta Version of Giger’s Universe?
If we get your support, we provide Giger’s Universe on a download-Server to gave you some impressions of our work and the upcoming releases.

Can I make my own Exhibitions with your Production?
Yes! In case of Overfunding we will be able to develop a 3D community museum which gives you the opportunity to create your own Giger Exhibtion and share these with your friends our other communities.

How much will Giger’s Universe after your campaign cost?
We plan on a cost of EUR 30 per DVD, with reduced-price bundles and promotions for distributors and campaigners.

Will there be more features for Giger’s Universe in the future and when will they be available?
Yes. If we reach our goal of EUR 90.000,- we will make a first release oft he museum. If we reach EUR 250.000, we'll add a 3D community museum with special features (see stretch goals). Of course, there will be regular updates on Giger’s Universe once it is released (if necessary).

I just backed for a limited backer edition, when will I receive it?
After the campaign ends, we'll start producing, numbering and shipping the packages. Depending on the country you live, can take up to 8 weeks to receive the package.

How can I promote your project?
You can promote our project by funding, telling your friends and spreading the word about Giger’s Universe on social media worldwide and on Twitter.



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